Friday, November 22, 2013

Top 4 Ways To Speed Up Your Website

Never underestimate the importance of load time for your website. You should try and get your site to load as fast as possible. Two seconds can be the difference between someone visiting your site or not. When a website takes more than a few seconds to load I typically move on. I don't have time to sit and wait for a site to load when I can probably find what I'm looking for elsewhere.

Here are the top 4 ways you can speed up your website:

1.  Optimize Images - Images are typically what takes the longest time to load on any website. The format of the images and their size are important things to consider. Always use the "Save for the web" feature on your image editing software when saving images. 

2.  Image Formats - Learn the difference between JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats. Be sure and choose the right format based on the type of image it is.

3.  Optimize CSS -  The majority of modern websites are designed with CSS. Be sure to clean up your CSS using an online tool such as CleanCSS. If your site is in WordPress there are a number of plugins that can help with this.

4.  Reduce HTTP Requests -  The best way to reduce HTTP requests is reduce the number of objects on your site that need to be called up. Get rid of unnecessary styling and images wherever possible. Also, make sure the requests for external scripts and files are combined in one location. WordPress has several good plugins to help with this as well.